Helpless Help Lines

 2016-07-13 11:39 AM by

Have you lately tried to contact a corporate company for information? 

07:30 Google the company and department required, contact details from department A to Z displayed eventually you identify the department with the closest matching description - 08:00 Phone answered by an automated system giving you options once again 1 to 6 and none of the options are relevant to your inquire - 08:30 back to the internet and you now select a different department also closely matching your requirements - 08:45 Dial the new contact number and once again the same automated message with the same options sounds off in your ear - 08:50 Select option 6 "General Inquiries" a pleasant friendly voice answers the phone rattling of the company line and T&C's 09:00 I get the chance to discus my inquiry and immediately the reaction is "WHAT" I then proceed to relay my inquiry once again with the following  "The line is breaking I can't hear you" followed by "hold on" crackly music starts playing and at 09:15 the dreaded disconnect tone starts ringing in my ears. - 09:17 redial the number go through the same sequence and eventually the new help agent says "Yes sir I know who you must talk to hold on and I will put you through to the right department" two minutes go by with the phone ringing and then the call is terminated once again - 09:40 Phone the call center again same story again however this time the help agent gives me two alternative numbers to phone, he then proceeded to put me through to the department he said would be able to assist me. No answer once again - 10:00 Phoned the alternative numbers supplied the help agent, the first number does not exist and the second just rings and rings.

I have now tried the email route and hope to get the information required, Corporate Companies may as well do away with Call Centers.